Kakheti tour from Tbilisi

Kakheti tour from Tbilisi

Kakheti tour from Tbilisi

Discover Kakheti: Bodbe Monastery, Signagi, Gremi, Winery Khareba



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Tbilisi →Bodbe Monastery  →Signagi →Gremi Citadel  →Winery Khareba →Tbilisi


Kakheti Wine Region Delights: Uncover Georgia's Hidden Gems


Embark on the captivating Highlights of The Kakheti Wine Region tours in Georgia, where you'll discover the hidden treasures of this renowned wine country. Traverse through a remarkable 7.7-kilometer tunnel, skillfully carved into the rock, housing the exquisite aging wines of Winery Khareba. Immerse yourself in the traditional winemaking process at the Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking factory, indulging in tastings and the opportunity to acquire the finest wines and brandies the region has to offer. Additionally, venture out to explore the surrounding landmarks, such as the Bodbe Monastery and Signagi, the city of love. Take your time to visit museums and wedding houses, capturing the romance, beauty, and cultural richness that Sighnaghi, one of Georgia's oldest and most romantic cities, has to offer. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the unique Alazani Valley, this tour encapsulates the essence of tours in Georgia, showcasing the region's unparalleled charm and allure.



Bodbe Monastery: Where Faith and Natural Beauty Converge


The St. Nino Monastery is situated in the village of Bodbe, within the Sighnaghi region of Kakheti, Georgia. The monastery's grounds are adorned with flower beds, vineyards, bushes, and a therapeutic spring. Its history is intertwined with the spread of Christianity. According to legend, King Miriani had a dream after the adoption of Christianity, wherein four stars traversed the mountains of Georgia, with one ray illuminating Bodbe. Nino journeyed there and erected a cross upon the spot. She resided humbly in a tent until her passing, and she was buried at the very location of her tent. In the early 4th century, a monastery was constructed on the site. Nino's grave lies within the monastery, beneath the altar, which is strictly off-limits for photography. Explore this significant site on one of the captivating tours in Georgia.



Signagi: A Romantic Journey Through Time


Signagi, a charming town in the Kakhetian region, has transformed into a picturesque and welcoming tourist center. Its streets are paved with cobblestones, and its cozy houses boast vibrant red-tiled roofs. The town's architectural style exudes the essence of southern Italian classicism. Numerous hotels and guest houses cater to various tastes and preferences. Signagi, also known as "the town of love," houses a unique wedding house where couples can marry at any time without the need for extensive paperwork. Take a leisurely stroll along the Italian-inspired streets, marvel at Europe's longest fortress wall, and savor panoramic vistas of the Alazani Valley. Signagi is a must-visit destination on tours in Georgia.


Gremi Citadel: A Glimpse into Kakheti's Glorious Past


Gremi, the Georgian Orthodox Cathedral, is located in Kakheti. Its history as a city dates back to the 15th century when King George I of Kakheti designated it as the capital of the Kakheti Kingdom. Gremi thrived as a political, economic, and cultural hub, boasting bustling trade routes and a vibrant literary scene. The architectural complex of Gremi comprises various structures, including the domed Archangel church, a three-story palace-bell tower, agricultural buildings, defensive walls, and a hidden river exit. The site also features baths, a market, and a caravansary. The most prominent section of Gremi is the Archangels' complex, perched atop a rocky ridge, comprising a towering church and a palace


Winery Khareba: A Subterranean Symphony of Wine


Envision a remarkable tunnel carved into the rock, spanning an impressive 7.7 kilometers and housing Winery Khareba's exceptional aging wines. This phenomenon is truly unparalleled. The touristic complex invites visitors to sample over 30 varieties of Winery Khareba's finest wines while partaking in cultural activities such as witnessing the Chacha distillation process, observing Georgian bread baking, experiencing Chuchkhela making, savoring traditional Georgian barbeque, and even participating in grape harvesting and pressing using Satsnakheli. Indulge in the ultimate wine experience at winery tour, an essential stop in Georgia.



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