Batumi city tour

Batumi city tour

City tour in Batumi

Explore the beauty of Batumi-Makhuntseti Waterfall, Botanical Garden



Planned route


Batumi →Mirveti Waterfall →Makhuntseti Waterwall →Adjarian Wine House → Gonio Fortress  →Batumi




Welcome to Batumi. I am proud to say it is the best place in Georgia to enjoy the summer holiday and make plenty of unforgettable memories. People coming to Batumi wish to enjoy sea holidays, but there is more than you can imagine. Batumi city tour presents to its visitors an impressive combination of modern wonders and historical buildings. First to see on your list should be Ali and Nino’s statue, which represents pure love, unshakable by any differentiation. Afterwards, you can take a stroll on the new boulevard and enjoy the black sea view. Don’t forget to explore the old town, where you will find some real gems of history. There is so much that Batumi can offer you just need to take your time and enjoy the opportunities provided by Tours Batumi. 


Wonders of Nature

What brings you joy? family, friends, your dream job, spending time with your loved ones, and loosen up in nature. Happiness doubles when you are surrounded by beautiful nature, and Mirveti waterfall offers you such a unique experience, provided by day tours around Batumi. The beautiful road to reach Mirveti waterfall makes your adventure even more wonderful. The journey continues with Makhuntseti waterfall. It is easily accessible by cars. you can visit and be fond of the marvelous beauty of nature any season of the year. These two waterfalls offer you the opportunity to enjoy Adjara's trademark- a unique mix of mountain and sea air. Here you can buy delicious local products: traditional Adjarian dishes, also honey, Churchkhela, etc. There are restaurants and picnic areas. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the local culinary scene or participate in exciting activities, your visit to Makhuntseti and Mirveti Falls promises an unforgettable encounter with Georgian nature.


Adjarian wine house

After relaxing in marvelous nature, now it's time to get to know the symbol of Georgia- wine and winemaking. In one of the historical and most beautiful corners of Georgia, surrounded by beautiful nature, you will find a multifunctional Adjarian Wine House. There you will see vineyards, a wine factory,  a wine store, a wine library, and a cellar with pitchers.

Here, you will be able to learn about ancient Georgian traditions and taste delicious wine and Georgian dishes. You will visit the vineyard, and learn about how the vineyard is cultivated,  and the unique traditional methods of Georgian wine production. Here you can buy and flavor wines produced locally.  You will also have master classes in opening the pitcher, how to make khinkali, churchkhela, Baking bread, and rolling cigars.


Botanical garden

If you are looking for Eden Garden on Earth, lucky you, it's just 9 kilometers away from Batumi. There is no garden on earth where completely different climatic and landscape zones species of plants coexist. It feels like you are on a different planet, where Japanese Sakura and canary finch bloom at the same time. This garden is best to find harmony and become one with nature.


Gonio fortress

After exploring the modern part of Batumi, you should visit Gonio's fortes. You will be surprised how old and important Gonios Fortes is. The story of Gonio-Apsaros is closely related to the myth of the Argonauts. It is known that it was here that King Ayet buried his son Apsaros. Gonio is a complex building with its towers and buildings. During its existence, the castle has experienced many restorations. And now it has become a museum fort. By exploring the Gonio fortes you will have a glimpse of the history of Georgia.

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