Explore Spring in Tbilisi: The Perfect Time to Visit

Explore Spring in Tbilisi: The Perfect Time to Visit

Explore Spring in Tbilisi: The Perfect Time to Visit

As winter fades and the days get longer, spring is the best time to see the colorful streets and green areas of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Thinking about a visit? Here’s why spring is the ideal time to go to Tbilisi and what makes it a great choice 

Why Visit Tbilisi in Spring?

Great Weather: From March to May, Tbilisi has lovely weather. The city looks beautiful under a gentle sun, with temperatures between 54°F and 73°F. It's perfect for being outside and seeing the sights without too many people or too much heat.

Beautiful Nature and Streets: In spring, Tbilisi bursts into color. Places like the National Botanical Garden of Georgia and Rike Park are full of blooming tulips and cherry blossoms. It's not just beautiful to look at but also a great spot for a peaceful walk.

Festivals: Spring in Tbilisi is full of cultural events. For example, the New Wine Festival in May lets you dive into local customs and enjoy the hospitality. There's lots of music, traditional dances, and good wine.

Top Places to Visit in Tbilisi This Spring

Old Tbilisi: The old part of the city is lovely in spring. You can wander through narrow streets, look at ancient churches like Metekhi Church, and enjoy the beautiful balconies.

Narikala Fortress: For amazing views of Tbilisi, go to Narikala Fortress. Taking the cable car up there is especially nice in spring when the city is green and colorful.

Mtatsminda Park: This fun park on top of Mount Mtatsminda is great for families. You can get there by funicular railway and enjoy the games, rides, and views.

Sulfur Baths: Relax in the sulfur baths in the Abanotubani district. Spring is the best time for a warm, relaxing bath after a day of exploring.

Tips for Your Trip to Tbilisi in Spring

  • Wear Layers: The evenings can still be a bit cool, so it's good to have both light and warm clothes.
  • Try Local Food: Don't miss out on Georgian foods like khachapuri and khinkali. Spring also brings fresh local fruits and vegetables, so it's a great time to try the freshest flavors.
  • Learn Some Georgian Words: While many people speak English, knowing a few phrases in Georgian can help make friends.
  • Carry Cash: You can use credit cards most places, but it’s also good to have some cash for smaller shops.


A trip to Tbilisi in spring is unforgettable, filled with natural beauty, fun festivals, and interesting places to visit. Whether you’re enjoying the parks, historical sites, or local events, Tbilisi in spring offers something special for everyone. When you plan your spring trip, consider Tbilisi for a mix of old-world charm and modern fun in a beautiful setting.

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