Transfer to Batumi Airport provided by Tripify

Transfer to Batumi Airport provided by Tripify

Have you been dreaming of an unforgettable trip for a long time, I would like to introduce you to a small country called Georgia, which has everything that will make you have an ideal vacation. The sea, nature, sophisticated and modern cities, historical places, friendly people, all these are gathered in Georgia. 

Travel to the paradises of West Georgia with the help of Tripify. My advice would be if you start your journey from Batumi, the capital of Adjara.


What awaits you after arriving at Batumi airport?

At Batumi International Airport, you will find a friendly and well-equipped environment. Everything is here for your comfort. After your memorable journey you have the opportunity to request a transfer to Batumi airport, and Tripify, a company that will provide you with transfer services, will help you with all this.


Things to do in Batumi

If you decide to travel to Batumi, then the best time of the year is right now. Batumi is a city that is associated with the sea, beach, and sun. So, are you thinking about where to start exploring Batumi? I suggest a customized travel plan, which will help you on your trip. Visiting Batumi should start from the city's well-known sculpture of Ali and Nino. The statue of Ali and Nino unites and fuses every 10 minutes. It is a symbol of love. That’s why this place is special for every tourist. It is no less famous than Alphabet Tower which consists of 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet, at the top of which you will find a tourist area.  Here it is quite easy to find a suitable place for any age of people, for example, if you have small children and are looking for a fun and spectacular place for them, then I recommend going to the Dolphinarium and aquapark which is equipped with a lot of entertainment attractions, which will bring people of any age back to their childhood. After enjoying the modern wonders of Batumi, then you can explore marvelous nature and visit the Batumi Botanical Garden, famous for the Semiramis Garden.  It is located 9 kilometers from Batumi, which has no analogs in the world in terms of the coexistence of plant species from completely different climatic and landscape zones.


Canyons tours

Take advantage of day trips from Batumi and discover the geographical and biological diversity of Western Georgia, visit the beautiful Okatse and Martvili canyons, and see the beautiful remnant of Indigenous culture - the Martvili Monastery. If you visit Samegrelo at least once, you will never forget the impression you get from it. Martvili Canyon is located in Samegrelo, Martvili Municipality, which is considered one of the most beautiful canyons in the world. It, like Okatse Canyon, is one of the most amazing places in our country. Both of them are tourist areas and are distinguished by beautiful nature and endless adventures.


Cave Tours

Are you fascinated by great historical stories? Have the benefit of day tours from Batumi and visit the cave of Sataplia and Prometheus. Sataflia karst caves are located in Imereti. The cave is famous for its 120-million-year-old dinosaur footprints and is an object of surprise for all tourists, as well as Prometheus Cave, which is also known as Tskaltubo Cave and Kumistavi Cave, its length is 2900 meters. Caves have an amazing history, which you will learn in detail with the help of a guide.


It is said that a person should listen to the voice of his heart. And I know now what your heart dictates, so listen to your heart and travel to Georgia!